Wednesday, January 15, 2014

360 degree Spheres

We have been experimenting with 360 degree Spheres to create a virtual tour of our school.

I used the free application on the itunes App Store called Sphere and purchased a small device from Motrr called Galileo this device only facilitates the process of creating the 3D spheres.

It can also do cool time lapse videos.

If you want to check out our school tour simply click on this link, we are still adding new locations so some pages are empty.

TED-Ed Clubs

A new initiative from the TED is for schools to built TED-Ed Clubs within their schools, the site provides guidelines on how to create small groups that have meaningful discussions. If you have a great talk from one of your students you can submit it to the TED ed Club site and that student could be invited to the TED ed Youth conference.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Padlet Blog/Web site creation

Padlet is a great platform to start creating Blogs or a simple Website, you can also choose to create a sharing platform for anyone to connect and contribute work, ideas, answers,etc... Its quite simple and powerful for education.

Padlet runs directly within the browser and does not need any additional installation.

You can also take your Padlet and get the iframe data to incorporate it directly in your school website, so the users can edit the page directly without needing much experience with HTML or complicated software.


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