Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Article on myself and Selwyn House in Ludomag

I had the chance of being interviewed by Ninon Louise Lepage for Ludomag, a french education online magazine. Here is a link to the interview:

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 2016 Tech Tips

Here is your January 2016 Tech Tip

Historypins - Look up locations to see pieces of history, or take a historical tour of well know landmarks in time. Built with Google Maps as a back end, this simple navigation can show you images from the past layered on top of recent street views.

New-York Public Library Digital Collection of 672,186 items is free for everyone to use

Draftback - this cool extension will take any Google Doc and make a video out of all the edits. You can see the process of the building of the document, along with any big copy and paste sections, easily to view the thought process or plagiarism, its also a cool effect. 

Coggle - an online collaborative mind map tool, sort of like a shared inspiration. login using your Google account and to work collaboratively and keep track of who does what, have your students keep a specific color for the items they contribute. - A Cool and simple Timer, Alarm and Stop watch, you can also under the setting gear, add a Youtube video to launch when the timer hits 0, I like the Final Countdown by Europe.

Opinion Casts - An iPad & iphone app that allows you to record, edit and publish podcasts with ease. 

In honor of David Bowie, he is an cappella version of Under Pressure with another legend Freddie Mercury 

October 2020 Tech Tips

  See the future, I always like sharing these hints at what the next 5-10 years could look like. Microsoft just showcased a video and it eve...