Monday, February 11, 2019

February 2019 Tech Tips

Its been a bit too long since my last update but here is a bunch of cool tech tips. and I am already working on the next batch for next month.

Google Canvas, not to be confused with Canva the free banner, poster creation tool. Google Canva is like an online version of Paper53 or Paint you can use to create quick drawings and export them to use in your projects.

App Launcher: Create an easy to access Chrome app launcher that can also have all your apps (Google Tools)  organised the way you like and even add quick commands for google.

Adobe Color CC: Ever wanted to search up a colour and see what would be complementary or work best for presentations, layouts ,etc... Adobe has a great colour tool that helps you make those decisions.

A great platform to create interactive images that can link to sites, pop up videos.

17 little known tips, tricks and hacks for google in the classroom presented by Edsurge

Google Earth Educator Portal: Loads of resources on how to harness the power of Google Earth and Maps to enhance education.

Google Etch a Sketch: Just for fun a digital version of the old Etch a Sketch.

October 2020 Tech Tips

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