Friday, December 4, 2015

December 2015 Tech tips

Here is a few more tech tips to try for the holidays.

1.Google Docs Voice Typing feature located under Tools, can now work in 40 languages, try it out.

2. I was connected to Billy Corcoran @MisterCMaine by Beth Holland @brholland and he is a great teacher of a grade 3 class who has embraced ed tech as well as learning spaces and experiential learning.

Here is a great project he did that helps the community, uses technology and even a Wood workshop with cross curricular work with older students.

Web site created by students 

Teachers web site

Class Site

3. and hour of code with Star Wars could be a great activity for students or even adults if you want to try coding.

4. Google Apps for Education training Handbook

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google Training, products, certifications, community...

5. Ninite allows you to download a whole bunch of popular apps at once and keep them updated.

6. Ed Tech Teacher has released Vol 2 of their Awesome Activities for the classroom series of ebooks, you can get both after signing up

7. We all know that modifications, adaptations, and accommodations useful to reach different students, but different subjects have different techniques, here is a collection of ideas on how to differentiate your teaching style to reach more students.

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