Monday, March 30, 2015

Tech Tip April 2015

A few interesting links and updates

A Bunch of Easter activities for kids:

Refme: free reference generator in multiple styles and for websites, books, journals, etc... 

ChallengeU: a collection of lesson plans created by teachers for teachers on a whole range of subjects. [ ]

EdPuzzle: A free website that allows you to grab videos from your computer or the internet and add text, links, questions ,etc... 

Kidsblog: if you ever wanted to easily create a blog for each of your students, a great service that is easy to use.

iPad Adobe Voice: this simple video maker used to only save on the Adobe website but now you can save and use the videos everywhere.

Google Logged-in device status: if you want to check which devices your account is currently logged in, log into your google account and simply follow this link  if the list does not appear click on Recent Activity - Devices  from there you will be able to remotely log off. This is perticulary usefull if you used a computer in a hotel or cafe and forgot to log off.

Facebook Logged-in device status: Log into Facebook and but follow this link  you will get a list of all the devices you are currently opened sessions.

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