Monday, April 18, 2016

CAIS National Conference

I just attended the CAIS National Conference and two big subjects that came up in our discutions. The first was blended learning with mainly a keynote by Heather Staker that went over a bunch of different blended learning styles and techniques such as Flipped Classroom, Khan Academy, etc.... As well as a talk by Dr. Ruben Pientedura creator of the SAMR model, a technology integration technique  which demonstrates the 4 levels of integration. The second big subject was Learning Environments here is a video  from UCC that gave testimonials to the impact these environments have on teachers and students.  We also looked at Vittra School from Sweden, 

Tech Tips April 2016

Ever wonder where all the data to run Google is stored, take a tour of just one of Google's Data Centers in 360 degree video with Google Chrome - 
Great little activity to show kids where just some of the data is stored for the internet

2-Do ink Green Screen for iPad
Great site with tutorials on how to use and do things you may have not thought of with Do ink Green Screen

Virtual Reality conference call with Holoportation
Microsft has a new device coming out called Hololens and it will allow for a fully augmented reality, the latest demo added a VR conference call

Google Classroom update - you can now poll the class quickly and easily to ask questions right from your class page

October 2020 Tech Tips

  See the future, I always like sharing these hints at what the next 5-10 years could look like. Microsoft just showcased a video and it eve...