Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2016 Tech Tips

I had the pleasure of going to the Future Ready conference with Bill Bedard and St├ęphanie Lafortune a few days before going on paternity leave. This conference gave me a few project ideas and tools but also some food for thought on our current education system and what could we do more not just for our students but also for ourselves. We got to see the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed which analyses the history of education as well as new models like High Tech High and how they relates to traditional views of education.

1. Google Slides Q&A, you can now collect questions from the class during your presentation with Google Slides new feature Q&A New Link 

2. Leafsnap: free ios app that allows you to take a photo of a leaf and identify the tree automatically

3. icell :  you will have to download a small plugin but you get to see cells of plants, animals,etc... in 3D

4. Storymaps create a story with maps and see other projects. You can sign-in using your google account

5.Mindmup or Coggle Collaborative mind mapping tools, have multiple users collaborate at the same time on a mind map and use your google account for easy access.

6.   free app for ios or android, dictated history for most landmarks in old Montreal as well as historic photos. Great for experiential learning experience and history class. English, French or even Spanish.

October 2020 Tech Tips

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