Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gsuite for Education Updates for 2017-18 School Year

This summer has been full of updates from Google. So I wanted to write up a short list:

1. Google Earth has been fully updated and is now available on the iPad as well as all Chrome browsers. This new streamlined version offers tours and tit bits of information on a whole bunch of locations. The interface is very clean and super easy to navigate in 3D.

2. Google Expeditions can now be run independently and has added annotations as an option allowing for exploration and analysis.

3. Google Classroom. 

                     a. You can now rearrange your classes in the class menu
                     b.  You can now see work by student simply click on a class, Students and click a name                             to see all their work in one place.
                     c. Google Form Quizzes auto correct and send grade to Google Classroom
4. Google Backup and Sync, brand new tool to replace Google Sync, easier to configure and should be more efficient then previous app.

5. Jamboard, ios app that is like an shared whiteboard allowing for creative brainstorming, colloboration and you can bring in google elements all in one place. You don't need the actual board, the app runs on tablets, computer and phones as well.

A lot of other features have been added on in different apps but these were the major updates.

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