Monday, December 15, 2014

Skype Translator Preview

Skype Translator gives you the ability to speak another language without learning one. Simply set up a Skype video or voice call with someone who speaks another language and start talking. Translator is currently available in English and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

You can communicate between two classrooms and get a live translation during your call. This will allow amazing possibilities to break down the walls and allow students to become global learners.

Monday, December 8, 2014

GAFE Summit Montreal 2014

This weekend, I went to the Google Apps for Education Summit in Montreal, presented by Ed Tech Team. I walked away with a lot of ideas and resources to share.

Thumbs up to the team for all the resources and especially Tim Lee @AmplifiedIT for the great demos and chats. As well as Rushton Hurley @rushtonh for the presentations and next vista web site.

If you are interested in the actual presentation slides  click this link for more information.

This video shows how Chrome apps are installed and the way I organized them for you to get to them easily.

Here is the list of links and resources I got at the
Google Apps for Education Summit in Montreal 2014.

The Chrome Extension and Apps can only be installed and used if you are using a Chrome browser, they are not compatible with firefox or internet explorer. Keep in mind that Google App Extensions and Apps are not working yet on the Chrome Mobile App.

A Description of each link...

Chrome Apps Store

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate
Allows you to take a picture of a site, not just what you see like a screen capture but the whole site and you can annotate and save your modifications.

This will check to see how many trackers are located on the site your visiting, trackers keep track of everything you click and look at, and build a portfolio to use for advertising or to push products you are interested in. You may expect Expedia to have 1 or 2 but it actually has 17 different trackers. Ghostery will list them for you and allow you to block them if you want.

One Tab
Allows you to collect a whole bunch of tabs that are open in your browser and squeeze them onto one page to share easily using either a QR code or link. This will allow you to make a list of sites to share with students and colleagues more easily. As a bonus it helps boost the speed of your browser since you don’t have to keep all your tabs open.

Project Naptha
This chrome plug-in allows you to take text from images, usually you cannot take text from an image but this plug-in acts like an OCR scanner and takes the content out of the picture.

This adds a text to speech to every page to visit, you can change the speed at which it reads, along with a whole bunch of languages it can read in as well.

PDF Mergy
Easily merge PDFs into one file, so you can easily print multiple PDFs or combine a bunch of PDFs to avoid having to open each file one by one.

Biodigital Human
A Detailed look at the human body, bone structure, blood vessels, organs…

Print Friendly & PDF
Allows you to print web pages more easily by allowing you to remove content, compress the text, remove images, great to save on paper.

Easy to use 3D Model maker that has loads of templates and can create 3D print files to use on our 3D Printer.

Google Dictionary
Adds a dictionary to your chrome browser, highlight a word you don’t know and you can click google dictionary to get a description, adjectives and even how to pronounce.

Clipboard History
Keeps a history of all your copied text, easily get back a copied piece of info you replaced by copying something else.

Google Chrome Apps

Daum Equation Editor
Allows you to build complex equations in a browser to use with different programs, you can save as text, image or straight to google drive.

Desmos Graphing Calculator
Add a full fledged graphing calculator for free to your browser, loads of graphs are already programmed. if you want you can also save your graphs if you have a google drive.

Individual web site

Next Vista for Learning
A curated list of resources and videos for learning, visit the resources page and get inspired page for some great videos to share with your class.

What do you love?
A great search tool that searches many different areas for what your looking for.

A great geography game that drops you in google street view somewhere in the world and you have to find out where you are, you can get points for being close to where you drop the pin on the map.

Smarty Pins
A Trivia game that ask you questions about places in a wide range locations around the globe, and you must guess where it is and drop a pin to win points.

A website that allows you to have a back channel during presentations or to interact as a group.

Digital Citizenship
The Lester B Pearson School Board Digital Citizenship program is great and will be a great resource once we get our official program going next year.

Wordsift takes a collection of words and will generate a word cloud ( an arrangement of words based on size that demonstrate how often they are used). Its great to see which words are used too much in a text or have students submit answers and see which one is the most popular.

Google Cultural Institute
A Collection of art, sculptures and places you can explore or examine in superb detail.
-Google Art Project
The Art Project is part of the Google Culture Institute is a collection of high res images of famous pieces of art that you can zoom in to great detail, you can even see the direction of the brush strokes.

Jam with Chrome
Allows you to join people together to produce music in a completely web based. The Instruments are played using a computer keyboard or mouse but could be a fun activity.

Audiotool is a web based music maker that allows to combine sound samples with modifiers and multiple tracks to create music.

A complete assessment portfolio system that is free to use and includes a place to put your documents, rubrics, share with parents so they see the progress. Visit the support page to get started.

Allows you to take any video on youtube, vimeo, khan academy,etc... edit it, add audio note and add questions for your students. Then share the new video to your students. Its also completely free.

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