Thursday, November 21, 2019

November 2019 Tech Tips

Google Slides:
I know this should have been available a long time ago but by the end of the month you will be able to insert audio in Google Slides

Google Earth:
Brand new Google Earth Stories feature allows you to build a story from different locations adding interesting facts or build a narrative. Collaborate with others to build an amazing experience. Only on Google Earth Web via a laptop/desktop but the experiences can be shared to IOS or Android devices as well.

Just a small reminder against phishing attacks such as the one we got this week with Hal's Email address, here is a brief article to help detect these attacks.

For a brief quiz to try to beat the scammers try Google’s Phishing Quiz

Presenter Coach:
A free service from microsoft and available to everyone (you will need to setup a Microsoft account, you can use your selwyn email to generate this). This service allows you to run a presentation and an AI will give you pointers and a grade approximation on how well you did.

You can read Richard Byrnes analysis of the service and how to convert your slides document to work with the service as well.

Green Screen: 
I found this great ressources that outlines very easy, classroom projects and tools (mainly doink green screen) with loads of links.

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