Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ISTE 2015 Review

This was my first time going to ISTE and let me tell you its CRAZY.

Not only do they have loads of sessions, keynotes ,poster sessions, hand-ons sessions,etc... but they also have the Expo, 500 exhibitors with 4500 industry reps. My only complaint would be thats its too big, and the distances to go from one session to the poster session to the show floor is quite a marathon, I averaged 20 000 steps a day. Oh and this conference is not 8 to 4 but rather 6am to 10 or even 11 if you want it to be. 

My days would start with a 6am CoffeeEdu(a 1 hour meetup for coffee organized in a sort of Edcamp model) hosted by @alicekeeler (who just released a book 50 things you can do with Google Classroom). 

Then I would end up in the Bloggers Cafe, imagine the best resource people from twitter in EdTech all in one place, that you can talk to or exchange ideas. Then you could go to the keynote, sessions, poster sessions, etc... you get the idea. After the conference, vendors or groups organize gatherings, etc... until you go to bed and start again the next day for 4 days.

I got to present on QR codes and Aurasma, and while in the room their were only about a dozen people, but I was live streaming to 147 people, just to show how connected this conference was, their was a online version for many of the sessions.

The amount of content I saw was quite massive so I separated it into two sections, an overview of what I thought was cool and a list of resources. I will also list names of people I met that you may want to follow on twitter.

I had the chance also to visit parts of the String Theory School in Philadelphia really impressive setup and vision. The School was hosting a gathering of EdCamp organizers from around the country as well as the founder of the movement.

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Google and the Ed Tech Team and AmplifiIT, they seemed to be everywhere delivering great content and having great discussions.

ISTE 2016 is set for July next year in Denver, and I highly recommend going to see how huge it is, at that conference I was also recommended a few others iPadpalooza and Miami Device, so be sure to check these out.

Resources : All of this content was not created by myself, and I would just like to acknowledge all of the great presenters from the conference.

First off the annual Horizon Report K-12 was released and outlines a timeframe for what is coming in EdTech 

Arizona Technology Integration Matrix or TIM, is a collection of lesson plans that can help integrate technology from beginners to experts and on multiple levels.

Think Before You Link - a full courseware on digital citizenship developed by Intel and Discovery

Tinkering, Making & Learning
A nice intro to the maker movement which is the big topic this year at ISTE

continuing on the same subject a collection of projects 

App Smashing with iPads, this is a breakdown that explains app smashing and a few simple examples

Badging which is a form of Gamification is getting really popular this site allows you to start using badges and setup your own if you want to earn badges for technical prowess or if you want to integrate it into your class.

A collections of lists of Apps built by teachers
If you want to send yourself a email but only at a future date, you can use this for reminders but its purpose is too reflect and then receive your thoughts from a month or even a year ago. Its good for reflection and remember what you were thinking in the past and how that view may or may not have changed. 

Specific Products that you should check out

Plickers, need to poll students electronically quickly and easily without having a computer or tablet, use Plickers, its free and easy to use

Mindmup is an online mindmap tool that allows multiple students to edit at the same time online 

Shadow Puppet Edu - Easily create videos to tell stories, explain ideas, document ideas,etc...

Seesaw - Online journal for students, that is managed by teachers but also viewable by parents 

Chromville - Print out drawings scan them and have your drawings come alive, really cool for young kids and art.

Classkick - A Free app / service that allows you give students instant feedback, allow them to help each other and monitor their work. You can convert your paper work into electronic work very easily

Google Lit Trips, use google maps to follow the adventure of your novels

Kaizena - Feedback platform for Google Drive, you need an account - track skills or rubric criteria, voice comments, etc..

Code Combat - a medieval game to learn how to code

Earth, get a 3D reprensentation of earth, tempeture, water and air currents,etc... Click on the word Earth for the menu options
on a related note, Google Sky a look at loads of space objects

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Presentation - QR Codes and Aurasma

I just wanted to do a quick post for my presentation on QR Codes and Aurasma.  Here are my slides and here is the link to a detailed explanation of the "Dragons" project.



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