Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2015 Tech Tip

November 2015 Tech Tips

Go Formative - Free live quiz app that is web based and can be used on any device and its FREE. You can build your quizzes, distribute them and see them filled out live. You students also don’t need to sign up so it's super easy to implement.

EdPuzzle -  Similiar to Go Formative you can have a video lesson and layer your voice on top and ask questions at certain intervals. You also get great reporting tools. Your students need to create accounts and you need to build classes so setup takes more time but this tool is very interactive and great in a flipped classroom environment.

Google Chrome Extension - Permanent Clipboard
Create a list of clipboard items, that you can right-click and choose from, quickly writing sentences without having to type them out. Great for Commenting in Google Apps Documents.

Book Creator - New Update Comic Book Stips - Book Creator on the iPad has just gotten a nice update, you can now build comic books and add stickers. Here is an intro video

This is a tutorial on how to animate your comic books with explain everything and then add sound effects in iMovie. credits go to the Book Creator Team for making the tutorial videos

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