Friday, May 19, 2017

Tech Tips May 2017

Here are some tech tips to enjoy during your long weekend.

1. Wanna learn the basic of electronic music creation, you can explore Ableton's website for new interactive lessons on the basics. Ableton is a software Adam uses in his classes so if you want to explore this in more detail, we are lucky to have an expert on staff.

2. Classroomscreen: this is small web app that allows you to put a clock, timer, instructions, QR code on the board for students to see and keep tabs of what they should be doing.

3. Series of 4 documentaries on different web terms and some things to be mindful of when navigating the internet. This is more for you to be aware not really about scaring you.

a) Profiling-:What facebook knows about you?
b) Prices
c) Machine Learning
d) Artificial Intelligence

4. Microsoft Translator: Much like Google Translate, Microsoft can take photos of text and translate it, type or speak and word, but now it also does two way simultaneous conversation translation between two languages automatically. Available on PC, MAC or IOS

5. VLC Media Player which is installed on all our PCs at the school has some nifty functions check out this video to learn 12 cool things such as Screen recording, file type converting, etc... 

6. Love taking photos with your phone, Apple has just prepared a series of videos on how to shoot better with an iPhone 7, now even if you don't have an iphone 7 plus, a lot of the tricks still apply. 

7. Gmail Smart Reply, over the next coming weeks a new feature called Smart Reply is rolling out for Gmail on IOS,  depending on the text in the email, Gmail will make suggestions as to what to answer back as a response. currently available in English with more languages coming soon.

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