Friday, November 7, 2014

Tech Tips Nov 2014

Sorry for not sending the tech tips more regularly but I will now try to send them more often.

1. Noisli

A collection of Noises and atmosphere to help with Productivity, Relaxation and Concentration. If your more confortable working in a cafe with a small wood fire you can program it very easily using sliders. It could beneficial for yourself or your class. Make your class sound like a forest to change the atmosphere. Also available for iphone, ipad for 1.99.

2. Class Dojo
I have sent this website out before but it has really improved over the last year and added great functionality with ipad and iphone apps. Its a free classroom management system. I know Elisabeth Jean and Gabriel Maynard have used it with elementary and middle school with some good results. Each student gets a character that will get more or less points depending how they perform in the class. Not only is this a great visual effect to motivate students but also it keeps a record or their progress during the semester and could be helpful to learnign specialist or even to the parents to see how the student is performing.

3. I may have said this one before but you can use Google to have a quick timer just search:     timer     in the google search bar to have a programmable timer. Its great for showing time left on exams or orals, it can even have an alarm.

4. Build with Chrome, have students build landmarks, maybe even selwyn house on top of google earth using LEGOs. Its free and you can connect and share your work.

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