Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Final Tech Tip before Summer

This will be the last Tech tip before the summer but maybe a few will be sent during the break for fun.

1. An interesting look at the evolution of the desk
video courtesy of:
photography by / engineering by anton georgiev 

2. An interesting TED talk on how Boys learn and how video gaming can give you a way to connect with them.

3. Bounce by ideapaint  or Skitch by Evernote- ideapaint is a whiteboard paint that allows you to write on any surface but they just released for FREE, an app that allows to take a photo of a wall or anything really and annotate and share, much like Skitch which now has a desktop app.

5. from the same site and for those who want to start digging into Google Apps before next year

6. Google Read & Write is a comprehensive Google Chrome extension that provides support for reading and writing, its also FREE for teachers but they also just added French as a language.

7. Free screen recording app that can also record your web camera and voice.

8. For a great outdoor activity you can use Leafsnap on the ipad to identify plants just by taking a picture of it leaf

Have a great Summer

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