Friday, November 9, 2018

Tech Tips November 2018 & Ed Tech Teacher Conference

This week, myself, Sylvain Decelles, Elisabeth Jean and Stephanie Lafortune went to the Ed Tech Teacher Summit in Boston. 

We compiled all the presentation links into a padlet to share with you. Elisabeth added also some sketchnotes she created of different sessions.

I am very happy that Elisabeth Jean co-presented with me at the conference on AR & VR in the classroom, here is a direct link to our presentation

One of the projects we presented was a small guided tour of Selwyn House in french produced by students, once you open it click the gear and turn on narration.

Pushed out Google Add-ons

You may have noticed some additional add-ons pushed out to your Chrome browser namely Talk & comment, Screencastify and Checkmark, instead of writting about each app, I made a a small tutorial video for each one.

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