Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020 Tech Tips

Giving Audio or Video Feedback:

You can easily give audio or video feedback on assignments, especially with us doing distance learning,  students want to have a connection so visual and or auditory feedback could have more of an impact.

First you're going to need a URL or Hyperlink of your Video or Audio feedback, but first you need to make it:

For Video:
You can use Screencastify to record yourself and get the sharing URL of the video that is saved in your Google Drive.
Free 1 year if you use CAST_COVID code when activating your license.

For Audio:
You can use Google Read & Write Voice Notes, Talk & Comment Add-on or Mote, each of these allow you to insert an audio comments in a Google Doc. 
You can add the audio comment to any doc file, it does not have to be in the students' work file, once you have the audio, it will also have the hyperlink to that audio clip.

You can insert these hyperlinks or URLS in emails, seesaw, google classroom, etc....

I recommend adding Permanent Clipboard Chrome add-on, this allows you to easily paste the code whenever you need it. You can also keep a few URLs of pre-done audio feedback clips to insert quickly as well whenever you want without having to re record or search the link.

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