Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tech Tips January 2017

1) Reminder Gmail and onCampus, create Contact groups automatically from onCampus. You can create groups for students and parents of specific classes.

2) Chrome Broswer on IOS allow 2 cool features, 1) it has a built in QR Code reader now 2) You can Request Desktop Site for Gmail and be able to email contact groups. Here is a video

3) 360 tour of the White House, before Obama left office he had a studio create a tour of the white house in 360 degree.

4) Decoration/Learning ideas for your classes

5) Cool Gym class idea for K-Gr1-Gr 2 All you need is a projector and an iPad, you click on the bugs or bubbles when you see a lot of balls have hit them. The app they use is not available in canada but many similiar apps are.

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